I am an experienced business coach and enthusiastic leader who can help you lift your game to a new level.

With my help, you will learn to communicate better in your unique style. You will learn how to use organisational levers like systems, policies, processes, and resources to support your work.

And finally, you will learn how to implement everything with the intent to ensure your success and improve your team's performance. And of course, manage your boss, i.e. upstreaming in a way that you will feel supported, respected, and valued.

Workshop Facilitation

My facilitation approach is one that's based on mindfulness and awareness.

By using technology to help you with your goals, my sessions will deliver quick results with long term positive effects. I call it Augmented Facilitation because it deepens and widens the process to be more tailored to your needs, and more importantly to deliver better outcomes of the workshop.

Augmented Facilitation takes your team from confusion to cohesion. I apply my facilitation methods to create a boost of innovation, ingenuity, and joy of accomplishment.

I have used this approach for over 15 years now, and it works for me and my clients. It works because I care about the outcomes, and I get results. Contact me, and let plan your next successful workshop.

Presentation skills

Whether you are a leader in your organisation or an individual who wants to improve the way you communicate, there are many ways to develop your presentation skills. My presentation and public speaking programs will help to boost your confidence in front of any audience.

I have designed my presentation and public speaking programs to give you the skills you need to communicate effectively in any situation, whether it's on stage or in front of a large group. As a trained theatre director I have developed methods for you to learn quick and overcome your stage fear.

I will help to boost your confidence and how to prepare and rehearse your presentation. With a great presentation, there is no better feeling than knowing you've nailed the job. The techniques and strategies used in my presentation coaching and training are tried and tested in real-world business presentations. I have been coaching leaders to give better presentations for over 20 years and I know what works!

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