Digital Campfires

An essential book for the digital age leaders

Not so many generations ago, our ancestors sat around a campfire telling their stories. They were able to weave mental imagery vividly into their stories. The flickering light of the campfire evokes those images and stories unfold from generations to generations.

They used dance, drawings, their hands and bodies, voice, surprise and suspense to draw people in, make a point, illustrate new ways to do things, and to entertain.

Digital Campfires is the use of some of these innate human attributes and narrative techniques, as well as incorporating new tools and techniques to tell better stories, and lead with the mindset of digital age leader.

We are only just beginning to appreciate the nuances and integration of digital tools to inform and entertain. Learn how to build a camp, ignite the fire and keep it burning. Digital Campfires is ancient knowledge brought up to date, storytelling on steroids.

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